Tiger could shoot his worst round ever and still win

Tiger Woods on Saturday
John Bazemore/AP

All Tiger has to do on Sunday is make his teetime and yawn through the next 5 hours. Simple as that. Tiger holds a 12 shot lead over his closest FedEx Cup points competitor, Rory Sabbatini, and a 13 shot lead over Phil Mickelson. For Rory or Phil to stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the FedEx Cup, Tiger would have to probably shoot the worst round of his entire career along with Rory or Phil taking the lead by end of Sunday’s round. Since there is a better chance of me reaching my childhood dream of ruling the world than Tiger blowing up so badly tomorrow (in which he would probably quit golf forever from pure embarrassment), they might as well hand him the giant FedEx Cup trophy the moment he steps out of his Buick 2 hours before his teetime. “Tiger… congratulations, have a safe trip back to Windermere”.

Tiger could lose 1st place, but not the FedEx Cup

What could be a reality tomorrow is Tiger “could” play bad enough to not win the tournament. Mark Calcavecchia, who fired an awesome 63, stands 3 shots behind Tiger and has put on an impressive display of golf. Since Tiger 99.9% of the time won’t give up a win holding the lead in a final round, chances are Mark can play out his ass and still not win. As stated before, Tiger’s highest score in 10 rounds is 67 and he is probably playing his best golf since 2001.

Zach is on fire

I already posted about Zach Johnson’s 60, but its always worth noting incredible rounds like that again. Zach Johnson is definitely a contender in winning this golf tournament especially with his incredible display of shot making and putting that propelled him to his near 59 on Saturday. I expect Tiger to be firing on all cylinders tommorow which will blow out any chance of anyone coming from behind to beat him.

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