Tiger Wins FedEx Cup | 1 Win away from Palmer

Tiger Woods did it. He skipped the first tournament (The Barclays) and went on to win the 3rd and 4th leg of the FedEx Cup (The BMW Championship and the Tour Championship) in awesome fashion. With 2 wins and a close finish at the Deutsche Bank Championship (won by Phil Mickelson), Tiger’s FedEx point total surpassed the entire field handing him victory in the first ever FedEx Cup.

Now, the PGA Tour is making the FedEx Cup sound like it is a 5th major, which I disagree with, but Tiger’s play alone in the last set of weeks has been incredibly impressive, quite well matching his dominating performance in the early 2000’s. Shooting a 66, which tied the day’s lowest round, Tiger won the tournament by an incredible 8 shots and signaling to his competitors that he won’t be taken down without a hard fight, which no one else on tour feels like doing.


Tiger’s win at the Tour Championship put his latest win total at an impressive 61 PGA Tour wins, placing him 1 win away from tying Arnold Palmers place in history at 62. The next barometer would be Jack Nicklaus’s total of 73 PGA Tour wins. Is there a chance Tiger reaches Jack’s Major record of 18 before the 73 wins? Would be interesting.

$10 Million

With the FedEx Cup sleeping between he and his wife tonight, Tiger also took home an unprecedented $10 Million Bonus plus $1.26 Million for earning 1st at the Tour Championship. From the rumors I have heard, the $10 Million is more in the form of an annuity in which Tiger can’t touch it until the age of 45. From a retirement standpoint, a stack of those $10 million annuity’s will come in handy after interest one day :)

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