10 Best Players and their Drivers

Nike SasquatchBefore seeing this Golf.com article on the 10 best players and their drivers, I honestly had no clue what many of the tour players actually used. Now I do. Ranging from the Nike SasQuatch to the Wilson Dd6+, I will go ahead and list out in an easy to read list what Golf.com makes you go through a slideshow to see.

No. 10 K.J. Choi, South Korea

Driver: Nike SasQuatch Sumo2 (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 284.1 yards (T133)
Driving Accuracy: 64.71% (66th)
Total Driving Rank: T111

No. 9 Rory Sabbatini, South Africa

Driver: Nike SasQuatch Sumo
Average Drive Distance: 289.9 yards (T82)
Driving Accuracy: 59.14% (148th)
Total Driving Rank: 156th

No. 8 Sergio Garcia, Spain

Driver: TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad TP (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 294.2 yards (53rd)
Driving Accuracy: 56.28% (171st)
Total Driving Rank: 155th

No. 7 Padraig Harrington, Ireland

Driver: Wilson Dd6+ (7.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 293.2 yards (60th)
Driving Accuracy: 57.52% (158th)
Total Driving Rank: T146

No. 6 Adam Scott, Australia

Driver: Titleist Pro Titanium 907 D2 (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 300.9 yards (16th)
Driving Accuracy: 59.17% (146th)
Total Driving Rank: T49

No. 5 Steve Stricker, United States

Driver: Titleist Pro Titanium 905T (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 283.7 yards (138th)
Driving Accuracy: 63.73% (81st)
Total Driving Rank: T149

No. 4 Ernie Els, South Africa

Driver: Callaway FT-I (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 297.9 yards 30th)
Driving Accuracy: 56.99% (164th)
Total Driving Rank: T103

No. 3 Jim Furyk, United States

Driver: TaylorMade r7 SuperQuad TP (10.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 279.7 yards (T164)
Driving Accuracy: 74.37% (2nd)
Total Driving Rank: T58

No. 2 Phil Mickelson, United States

Driver: Callaway FT-5 Tour (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 298 yards (29th)
Driving Accuracy: 56.73% (167th)
Total Driving Rank: T105

No. 1 Tiger Woods, United States

Driver: Nike SasQuatch Tour 460 (8.5°)
Average Drive Distance: 302.4 yards (11th)
Driving Accuracy: 59.83% (T133)
Total Driving Rank: T31

There you have it. 10 great players. 10 great drivers.

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