U.S. Leads Presidents Cup by 7 points

The Americans lead through Saturday
David Boily/AFP/Getty Images

The U.S. team took a commanding lead in the President’s Cup through 3 days of competition. The U.S. currently leads by 7 points (US: 14 1/2, International: 7 1/2) going into Sundays Single’s matches. The U.S. lead through 3 days is the largest lead the Americans have had in 7 years. The Americans only need 3 wins to get them to 17 1/2 points (the total needed to win the President’s Cup). That means the International team is stuck needing 10 wins out of 12 matches. Very unlikely, but it is certainly possible. The “featured” match on Sunday will be between Canada’s favorite (Mike Weir) and the #1 player in the world (Tiger Woods). However, when it comes down to the Americans only needing 3 wins, the match between Mike and Tiger could very well be moot.

Woody gets wet

No, that is not the name of an adult film. Woody Austin found the pond on 14. After stepping into the pond to “try” and hit a golf shot when the ball is 12 inches under water, Austin lost his balance after stepping on a rock and fell face first into the water. I am sure this isn’t something his fellow tour players will rib on him about for years to come.

Check out the video below:

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