2 Major Championships are back!

Well well, look who is back. First and foremost, and the most important…Major Championships the golf blog is back with a new layout/design. Some new content has been added, but I also wanted to go with a cleaner design. better organize the photos and video sections, and try to start highlighting Major Championships related merchandise.

I also plan on implementing more product reviews, so if there are any people with online Golf products they are trying to sell, send me some information and I will see what I can do about doing a write-up for you.

I have had a fairly hectic last couple of years and this site has long been neglected. Good news is…my work schedule is “less” hectic, and I have a second baby on the way…so I guess life is going to get hectic again…maybe I should just delete this paragraph :)

Oh yea, and there is another minor thing happening today. Kinda small in the golf world, as it doesn’t get much coverage. This thing called The Masters. Maybe you have heard of it.

So play is underway right now and at the time of this writing, there is a tie for the lead (-2) between Ian Poulter, Zach Johnson (defending Champ), and Luke Donald. Let’s face it, we all know that Tiger is the predicted winner and to be honest, Ithink he will win too.

I believe a few under will win this tournament. It is predicted the weather will get cold and nasty by this weekend, which will cause scores to rise. I expect Tiger to win by 3, but with a total score of 285 (which is 3 under). That is my prediction and I am sticking with it.

How about an Opening Day video of Tiger Woods in 1997. He won then by breaking records, he is going to win on Sunday probably breaking some records. Still gives me chills to watch.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s good to be back and I look forward to keeping this thing up to date.