The Masters: Round 2

I am quite surprised to not see Tiger playing better these first two days, especially with others such as Immelman having more dominating performances. However, I expect to see Tiger to continue moving up the leaderboard. At the time of this writing, he is already at 3 under by hole 11 of the third round.

Respect, Honor, Integrity

When you are in a golf tournament, there is sometimes a situation where that little devil or angel sits on your shoulder as you come across a situation of asking yourself “Do I call a penality on myself for what just happened”? I personally have called a penalty on myself during a tournament where none of my playing partners knew what happened. My ball moved prior to me putting, but I was already at address and my putter was grounded behind the ball. Whether anyone else knew the ball moved is irrelevant. I did, and I wouldn’t feel right to shave a stroke off my score going forward. That happened on Friday by Amateur Michael Thompson. Good for him on being honest. I am sure “someone” would have seen it move, but he did the right thing by calling himself out.

Gary Player

Can you believe this guy? He is 72 years old, does 1200 crunches a day, looks as fit as a 40 year old…and shot 78 on Friday. Wow. Even though he missed the cut, that is absolutely amazing for someone of his age.

The streak ended

Bummer for Fred Couples who ended his Masters “cut” streak of 24 years. An amazing streak mind you. Maybe next year Fred.

ESPN breaks down the Masters

I think my prediction of 3 under winning it might be wrong :) I thought the weather was going to be colder and windier. However, I am a man of my word…so I will hold onto my prediction.

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