The Masters: Round 3

The Masters

Per my prediction, it turns out I would not be a good bookie to rely on in the gambling world. Then again, who can rely on the weatherman to predict accurate weather and temperatures :) (just kidding to any weathermen who read this site).

Ok, so Immelman is 11 under, Tiger is 6 back with 18 to play. My prediction was 3 under would win it, with Tiger being the victor and his lead being 3 as well.

Hrm…back to the drawing board. Well, let’s just say I was to turn my back on my original prediction…how about Tiger Wins tomorrow in a 2 hole playoff against Immelman. Stretch? Maybe…but lets see for shits and giggles.

Tiger had a solid bogey free round on Saturday, but Immelman, Flesch, Casey, and Brant Snedeker played well to keep the Tiger at bay. Immelman’s three rounds of 68 – 68 – 69 are steller and his 2 stroke lead thus far shows it.


As the story goes at Augusta, the tournament doesn’t truly begin until the back nine on Sunday. If history has shown us anything, we can expect some of these boys to tumble on that back nine, thus opening up a possibility for any one of the “behind guys” to take a change…aka probably Tiger. However, like Zach Johnson in the past, Immelman may very well hold his own. 18 holes to go.

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    Good question. I actually did not see the footage of him repairing a ballmark, but if the telecast’s picked up on it, I wonder if they will try to call it out.

    Good catch.

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