Immelman wins…mud in my face

Trevor Immelman wins the 2008 Masters
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First off, HUGE congrats to Trevor Immelman in his stunning and solid performance and this years Masters tournament. He held off many of the world’s greatest players, but also played consistent over the four rounds. On the back nine, everytime he stepped up to the tee, I honestly thought I was see some hooks or slices into the trees. The wind was blowing 30 mph and given stress, nerves, Tiger, etc… I was expecting a mild blow up. Didn’t happen. Every drive was beautifully played and it truly showed Trevor had the “stuff” to be a Major Champion. Trevor also hit some impressive clutch wedges such as his third shot on hole #13 from the same spot Tiger almost holed out on. The difference…Tiger missed and Trevor made.

Tiger’s Performance

First, I will say the handful of people or maybe even “person” that bet on Trevor Immelman winning is a rich man. According to Gambling 911, Immelman have roughly 5000+ odds prior to Day 1. Basically, every $100 gambled could earn $5000. Not too shabby. His odds continued to improve as the days went on.

Regarding mud in my face. Umm…yea. I don’t go to Vegas or any riverboats often, so my gambling abilities to make predictions aren’t very high. They are more or less random guesses at times :) but I was of course WAY off in this year’s Masters.

Tiger, on the other hand, lacked his typical performance in this tournament. On one hand, it’s impressive he didn’t play well all tournament, yet came in 2nd place. So that is quite a testament to his abilities. However, he just couldn’t quite find the magic he normally does. One of the tell tale signs I saw with him struggling hitting some shots was his follow through. Usually when he is striking it well, his follow through is beautiful while holding a pose. On Sunday, because he was behind, it seemed as if he was “pushing” himself to pull shots off versus letting them happen. His finishing poses were erratic, jerky, and just lacked the beauty we have come to enjoy from his swings. A couple moments of magic came during the tournament, but his failing putter wouldn’t let the ball drop. Had he sank a handful of putts on Sunday, matched with Immelman’s overpar round, Tiger could very well of won this tournament. As a friend recenty said, “it was Tiger’s tournament to lose”. And that he did. Also, his streak of never coming from behind after 54 holes still continues.

Brandt Snedeker

I enjoyed watching Brandt Snedeker over the weekend. He seems to have a great attitude and solid composure. Bummer to see the guy so emotional after Sunday’s loss. That clutch eagle on hole #4 was huge, but not enough to remove the stresses and difficulties a back nine on Sunday at the Masters can have.

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