Snedekers good cry…why write about it?

Dawson Crying, not Snedeker, but its a funny picture.
Not Snedeker, but a funny photo

So I just got done reading’s article on Snedeker’s good cry earns support with fans and must say I am left scratching my head. I fully understand the emotions the guy is going through after letting go of an opportunity to win the Masters. I also don’t mind that he cried on television. No big deal in my opinion. What kinda bothers me is the media reporting and the “sing kumbaya” mentality people are having. I think its good to extend a hand out to someone who had a rough time, but from reading this article…I get the impression the media and Snedeker himself, are milking the emotional on camera cry for all it’s worth. I would much rather see him be public about his emotions then to go sit in a dark room drinking himself into a coma, but I just hope this isn’t a story that will hang on much longer.

He played well all week, much better then anyone expected and I am sure higher against his own expectations…but just had the typical Sunday goof-ups that plenty of players have with the back nine at the Masters. He let his game slip up and he is upset about it. Fine…but please, Media, etc… don’t turn this into “thousands of fans need to send their support or his life is over” situation. It’s good people are being supportive, but there are much worse things that could be happening then this.

“It’s been pretty phenomenal to see the number of people who’ve come out to put their arm around me and say, ‘It’s OK. It’s going to be fine,”‘ Snedeker said.

What? Of course its going to be fine…are you serious? Guess what, pick up your feet, play the rest of the tournaments in 2008, maybe try and win one of the other three Majors…and give the Masters a run next year. The equation is quite simple.

“I cannot thank them enough because it really makes me feel great about what I did there and kind of helps me heal,” Snedeker said.

Healing? You got third at the Masters. Unless you are going through Psychosis or suffering some mental disorder now…the only healing that should be taking place is getting back on the range to hit some balls.

Maybe I am being a little harsh, but I guess I don’t like it when I see people milk “events” for media attention when the topic should be done and over with.

For those who missed it, here is Brandt Snedeker’s post tournament interview

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