A new year. A new Tiger. A new tournament

I have finally tapped off the ice on my computer monitor from a cold winter, finally got around to reading golf stuff again, and looking forward to an exciting Tiger-“full” 2009 season.

Let’s face it…with Tiger Woods the golf season feels right, acts right, and looks right. Our expectations of what to see when we turn that TV on Thursday through Sunday have been so high over the last 11 years, going for 8 months without him has made many of us think “whoa, I have no much to get done over the weekend…clean the gutters, rake the yard, spend time with my family, etc….”

The WGC Accenture Match Play Championship begins today. At the time of this writing the matches have not begun, but you can follow the action here: WGC Match Play leaderboard.

Tiger is teeing off against Brendon Jones at 12:02 pm. Many say Brendon has similar characteristics as Boo Weekly.

I hope we see some great things out of Tiger this year, as we always do….that bar which has been low for 8 months is already starting to raise.

Check out Tiger’s press conference where he discusses the tournament, his knee, and 2009

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  1. Douglas Houge

    About 2:25 CDT the announcer furthest to the right kept talking about the best player under 30 and he kept saying “Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods.”

    Tiger Woods has not been under 30 for at least 2 years now. Please have your announcers check their stats.

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