Tiger’s 70th victory….but I miss the old Tiger from 2000

A huge congratulations to Tiger Woods on his 70th victory on the PGA Tour, but also his 7th victory at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational. It was a tight match with Padraig Harrington up until 16 in which the 4 shot swing sealed the deal.

Tiger…being Tiger continues to amaze us at every tournament he wins, inching ever closer to Jack Nicklaus’s Major and Total win records, but in the last several years he has been doing it with 1 shot or playoff victories (minus this latest one he won by 4). I miss the Tiger of 2000-2001 in which he would stomp on his competitors. I like seeing competition on the course, but I thoroughly enjoy seeing Tiger sweep the field in dramatic fashion. When he wins by 5+ strokes, it becomes a dominating performance. Sure, a win is a win is a win, and that is all Tiger cares about, but I think the Tiger of present has lost some of that “fire” that came in his early years on tour. Gone are the massive fist pumps. Gone are the times you know Tiger has the tournament won, and its only Saturday morning. Gone are the times when he walks on a course, and the field melts beneath him. Sure, you still see various players wilt at his presence, but either the field has become much stronger over the years, or Tiger has slowly been brought back to the field. I guess having a family now, having his father pass away, getting older, surgury on the knee, etc… are all valid factors into why we have the Tiger of now vs early 2000’s, but I would LOVE to see that old Tiger again. The Tiger who went 100+ holes (can’t remember the exact number) without a bogey, the Tiger who tempted Byron Nelson’s consecutive victories record, and the list goes on and on.

I will continue to watch and being amazed and Tiger’s dominance in this sport, as I have watched him in almost every tournament since the 1996 U.S. Amateur. I just want to see Tiger win’s this weeks PGA Championship by 8. Can you do it Tiger?

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