Swing Tip: The Right Hip Pocket

Recently while perusing through an old back issue of a golf magazine I came across an article describing some of Vijay Singh’s swing keys. One of the areas of my game I have always struggled with is the initial takeaway of the club, especially the driver. I usually get the club back too far inside, costing me power and producing big slices and pulls off the tee. I had learned how to save this by looping my club on the downswing, but I had definite consistency problems with my driver.The swing thought that helped me was to focus on bringing the hands back extended near (not touching) the right hip pocket while pointing my right palm at the ball. I had always had trouble visualizing what it meant to keep the clubhead outside the hands on the takeaway, but this provided an easy-to-remember, easy-to-check swing thought for my takeaway. Getting my club in the right position allowed me to simply beging hinging my wrists and keep turning my shoulders in order to complete the backswing.I took this swing thought to the course. The result was amazing! I had always been an excellent iron player and putter who struggled to a 220 average off the tee, but on this day I hit 10 of 14 fairways and averaged 248 yards! The game felt much easier from a reasonable distance in the middle of the fairway as opposed to short and in the rough.Give this swing tip a try and see if it doesn’t help you get your club in the right position more consistently.

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