Thoughts on the Tiger Woods cheating affair scandal

So right now, every online publication is outing Tiger Woods for his behavior and “transgressions”. A concern I had in the beginning was as real women came forward discussing their relationships with Tiger, many “ghost” women would be coming forward to. Basically, the number is 10 women right now and continuing to grow. My theory is that a handful of them are probably legit, and the rest are just hopping on the bandwagon.

The stories I am beginning to hear across various gossip blogs or online publications are starting to become pretty crazy…such as Tiger Woods needing sex so bad with a waitress that he opted to let it take place in a church parking lot on the outside of the vehicle.

I mean..cmon. This guy shrouds himself in secrecy and privacy..yet he is finding all this time to hook up with all these random women and putting himself in all these bad bad positions.

Why is it, for 11+ years…the public hasn’t heard of anything of these transgressions. I heard one report that he was caught, hence why he did a Men’s Fitness cover…but its like the damn has burst and now all that is flooding in are secrets and more secrets. Just seems strange to me.

I won’t lie..Tiger is an awful person for what he has done, and cryptically admitted to on his own website. It’s obvious he has cheated on Elin, his wife, and has done so multiple times with multiple people. We, as people, are all guilty of things in our lives that we don’t want the public to know about, so we shouldn’t wag our fingers at him as if we are ultimately higher on the totem pole then he is. Yes it is a private matter for the Woods family…but at the same time Tiger makes most of his money from his image and endorsements of being the ideal athlete, family man, idol, icon, and more. For him to think he will get privacy in this matter is asinine given how our world and media work.

It’s actually kind of ironic, if you think about it…that Tiger has surrounded himself with this notion of being such a private person. If you were to ask me what is the one thing a celebrity could do to unravel their private life…I think Tiger Woods right now is the poster child for this.

The Women

I will get this out in the open now. If all the rumors about Tiger are true (even the church parking lot one), Tiger is trash. Great athlete, poor person. However, each one of these women are homewreckers. I place as much guilt on each one of them for the unfolding of this story as I do Tiger. They 100% all know:

1. Who he was
2. That he was married
3. That he had a family/children
4. Continued on the charade of affairs with him
5. Financially gained from all of these above

That, in my opinion, makes each one of them a homewrecker and just as guilty for the pain/suffering Elin and her kids have to go through. Here is how the conversation should have gone

Tiger: – Hey babe, do you want to have sex?
Cocktail Waitress – Uh, aren’t you married with kids?
Tiger: – Uh, yea..but I am rich…cmon lets go
Cocktail Waitress – Uh, no thanks.

Yes, I am sure for every woman Tiger passed on, he would approach a new one, rinse, repeat…but you can’t sit there and point a finger at him about what he is doing while continuing to sleep with him, travel across the country for him, and more. As much as Tiger has a responsibility to uphold a good image, be a good husband and father…these women need to use some form of class and not enable him.

And if you are holding onto 300+ text messages and dozens of voicemails, like one of the woman have…you are doing so for a payday..which you probably got. The ONLY reason all these women are stepping out into the limelight is for money…not to say “Oh my god…Tiger tricked me too..I feel so hurt”.

Tiger’s Career

I think two things will happen with Tigers career moving forward.

1. He will lose some “positive” fans, ones that have supported him since day 1, but feel his wholesome image is completely tarnished
2. He will gain some “negative” fans, ones that like a train wreck, and they will follow him to watch more drama unfold

I believe once Tiger hits the golf course in 2010, he will be met with booes, but at the same time I think ticket sales will be even larger then before..because people like train wrecks, they like drama, and they want to see how Tiger does in the wake of his personal grievances.

I will continue to watch Tiger as I always have for his incredible golfing talent, but I must say I have lost respect for him as a person and as a sports idol. It will be “different” watching him on TV, but I do want him to continue being successful with golf in order to beat Jack Nicklauses Major Championship records.

On Elin

“IF” even a moderate amount of these rumors are true..I do think Tiger’s wife should probably leave him. I am all for people working on their marriage, but there is a point where all the “transgressions” is a bit too much and unfix-able. “Working on the marriage” for your corporate / sponsor image isn’t worth it. Let her move on…let Tiger move on and deal with the financial / sponsor consequences. People aren’t stupid…don’t play the “everything is alright” game.

Tiger should fire his lawyers and leave his friends

If the rumors I have heard are true..and you hear of “friends” telling the gossip blogs/media certain things…well Tiger you better get some new friends…because your current ones are as trustworthy as a box of rocks.

Also, I am still dumbfounded how any prenup financial details can be leaked to the media. “If” any of those values are true…someone is talking who shouldn’t be…how in the world does TMZ or anyone else get a hold of that VERY private and personal data. I would fire your lawyers if that is the case (which maybe you have…who knows)

In Conclusion

I wish the Woods family the best of luck and I hope some kind of peace can be made with all of this. I do hope they can retain some form of privacy in the matter…but given how voracious the media is…they have a snowballs chance in hell.

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  1. Tom Collins


    It’s been too long. But I’m really happy that I have been checking in recently, and came across this post. I am still quite shocked by this whole ordeal with Tiger, and amongst all of the thousands of snarky comments on other websites and blogs, articles and conclusions from “experienced” journalists, and whoever else decided to start a blog recently, your post is one of the few that I was able to read and actually come away feeling like I might be a step closer to figuring out just exactly how I feel about this whole situation. So thank you.

    I’ll keep checking back, and I hope all is well.

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