Tiger Woods double life doesn’t just speak bad about him…it does for those around him as well. PR Team should be fired

As I continue to watch more and more Tiger Woods drama unfold on a daily basis, the deep dark secrets, that are normally very private for MOST people, are shoved out into the mainstream media labeling Tiger as this anti-christ type figure. He has held onto this squeeky clean, wholesome family image for 13+ years which placed him on a pedestal among all other athletes and celebrities…because when compared (such as Tiger to Kobe), Tiger appeared head and shoulders above everyone else. He was the ideal role model (minus his public cussing), ideal athlete (money, wife, family, career), ideal charity contributor, and the list goes on and on.

But as it unfolds…this perfectly manicured and manufactured persona and image of him is crumbling to the ground, at an alarming rate. Here is the thing..yes Tiger has to take responsibility for himself with his actions…but his image is not just a product of himself alone. It’s a product at the hands of Nike, Accenture, his PR team, marketing, stylist, etc… He is manipulated by a team of individuals on the right thing to say, when to say it, when to appear, and as all of this has gone on for 13+ years, especially the last 5 he has been married…those parties listed above have (in my opinion) been at least aware of Tigers activities and infidelities, if not promoted/participated/accepted/validated his behavior. They are all paid very well, so its easy for them to turn a blind eye or provide him the additional services he needs or requests. It has become very clear, as well, that his infidelities have come at the “request” of his team. Such as having members of his entourage/staff bring woman to his tables at clubs, or having his best friend arrange flights for mistresses to meet him at various locations/countries.

Yes, the blame falls on Tiger 100% for his behavior, but the ones getting a pass in the media it seems are those he surrounds himself with that I would consider enablers. If you are an alcoholic and you surround yourself with liquor distributors….chances are you will have a steady flow of alcohol at your disposal.

On a side note, I think his entire PR team should be fired given how the events have carelessly been driven in the last couple weeks. Aside from statements on his website, there has been NO PR representation on his behalf. This includes his own website which often let 5,000+ comments on his postings go untouched, from scathing remarks to heartfelt support. Ever heard of comment moderation?

It sounded like, from sources on gossip blogs, that his internal “team” had many quarrels with each other on how to handle the problem. When you can’t agree, nothing happens, and when nothing happens, people and products suffer.

Unless the lack of PR representation was at Tiger’s discretion and he preferred it playing out how it has, his entire PR team should be canned.

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