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The Tiger Woods scandal story is getting larger each day, even though Tiger himself has come out with several messages admitting to infidelities and his indefinite leave of golf to try and shield himself from any more embarrassment and harassment. The stories simply continue..and continue…and continue…

The gossip blogs and media are getting out of hand, and with more women coming forward for their 15 minutes of fame, we will begin to see the ultimate destruction of Tiger Woods…not as an icon, but as a person.

The media won’t stop. They are blood thirsty and will lick every drop of blood until there is none left. The average person is the same way. It’s the mob mentality. Whether its 5 people or 5 million, when we get duped we want the persons head on a stick and we won’t stop until they have become lifeless.

People won’t stop until Tiger is dead. I seriously mean that. Dead in a physical sense or dead from a public sense.

What is going on with Tiger right now “IS” personal. I repeat, this is no longer a topic the mainstream media needs to keep promoting/supporting in order to enhance their ratings. Tiger’s marriage is over, that is crystal clear. His wife is most likely going to leave and take the kids to Sweden where God knows what kind of visitation Tiger will get after the divorce, he has left golf indefinitely just to try and get his life in order and save anything of his career / persona he has left…but the media won’t let that happen.

We, as a people, love train wrecks. People, in general, don’t want others to actually “die”, but the rate the media is reporting new information on Tigers PERSONAL life, the more it continues to ruin him as a person and an athlete. It is my fear, the amount of privacy being stripped from the man who has always wanted privacy..could end in suicide. Each piece of news coming out seems to be more embarrassing for Tiger each day. I surely hope that doesn’t happen, but the rate he is being crucified and his entire world is crumbling is startling.

People seem to be playing off his “indefinite leave from golf” like he will be back before the Masters. We might not see him for years at this rate…if ever again on a golf course. I am dead serious!

Tiger cheated on his wife and family. He wows us on the golf course. Unless he cheats on the golf course or his breaking rules that pertain to his sport, endorsements, etc… we seriously need to leave the man alone to absorb and deal with everything. This “is” a personal matter for him and really is none of our business anymore, even if TMZ or Radaronline think it is.

On a very serious note…I really hope Tiger does NOT hurt himself in any way given the circumstances unraveling around him. I can’t imagine being in his world right now. I can 100% guarantee if you walked up to him and said “I want to switch places…starting right now you are a nobody making $30,000 / year, 2 cars are broke down, but you have a wife and 2 kids to come home to everyday who are excited to see you. You don’t have any golf victories, the media has no clue you exist, you have no endorsements, and the only responsibilities are what wait for you at the office and at home”, Tiger Woods would snatch that in a heartbeat..guaranteed.

It’s time for us to move onto the next big story, let the Tiger Woods one go/cool down so he is at least given the opportunity to try and “right” things in his universe, because that is not possible the way things keep unfolding.

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