Though Tiger Woods admitted his infidelities, I have yet to see much proof

To date, there are something like 14+ women that have come forward as “alleged” mistresses of Tiger Woods. Please note, the keyword here is “alleged”. Besides the voicemail Tiger left that became public and a few perfectly places text messages across the web, I have yet to see actual proof Tiger was with any of these women besides his public admission to “infidelities”.

Even the pictures that have been posted online…all they show is Tiger standing/sitting around women. If he had not publicly admitted his guilt and I had not heard the voicemail, I would have assumed many of the stories are false. I do actually believe many of the stories are untrue or are fabricated to gain these women 15 minutes of fame.

But where are the actual pictures of Tiger with ANY of these women. I haven’t seen one.

Case in point, Jamie Jungers aunt goes on the record and promoted Jamie to go to the tabloids. The whole interview just feels slimy, like you need to take a shower after watching it. Watch it here.


It’s great to hear Jamie took naked pictures of Tiger while he was passed out. Nah..that isn’t an invasion of privacy or anything. Is there any legal issue if she released photos of Tiger naked that he never consented to?

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  1. Steve Pond

    “Let those who have not sinned, cast the first stone” c’mon, Tiger is HUMAN, he’s filthy rich,famous and tempted all the time. his weakness is obviously having sex with white women, his infidelity is inexcusable, but enough is enough look at Bill Clinton, John Edwards and the latest “sex starved kitten” internet Al Gore, it’s not like Tiger is the only one. The scandal is over, let’s try to concentrate on his ability as a golfer for a change!

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