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We just got our hands on the public statement Tiger Woods will give tomorrow at the PGA Headquarters.

Ok, that is a lie..but this is what we anticipate will be in the direction of his speech

Family, Friends, and my fans. I can’t begin to apologize enough for my actions of the past. I have hurt those very close to me, most importantly my wife Elin. I have let everyone down, especially my fans and for that I am truly and deeply sorry. I know I have lost the support and faith in me as a husband, father, person, athlete, and a role model. I truly hope my future actions can begin to rebuild that shattered faith in me, and I know it will be a long painful road to achieve.

There have been many things said in the media about me. I will not go into details of any of the reports presented by the media , but don’t believe everything you read or hear.

My wife, children, and I have been through a lot, as you can imagine, and I simply ask that you please give us the time and privacy we need as we still continue to bond and repair as a family.

I hope to one day receive my wife Elin’s forgiveness, but also my friends, family, and fans.

At this time, no final decisions have been made about my future in Golf. I just please ask that you give us the time and privacy we need during this difficult period.

Thank you

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