Thoughts on Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, Stevie Williams

Ok Stevie, we get it…your still pissed and sour about being let go from being Tiger Wood’s caddie. With being on the bag with your new boss, Adam Scott, “officially” at the BridgeStone Invitational, it’s time to let go and move on. As unfortunate as it is for anyone being fired from their job for any reason, especially ones when at the fore-front it comes off as ill-planned, there is also a time to keep your thoughts to yourself. That times is now.

I am referring to the post tournament interview where Stevie Williams makes the comment, “This is the best weekend of my entire career”. Really? You have been involved with 12 major championship wins with Tiger Woods, where each and every single one of them you two seemed like you were having a great time, bear hugging, smiling, laughing, etc… You have been on the bag of Tiger over several Ryder Cup’s, President Cups, and more. Hell, Tiger was the best man at Steve’s wedding! And the BridgeStone Invitational was the “best weekend of your career”? Um, ok.

The reason I bring this up is because I think its a bit of a slap in the face of Adam Scott, whether Stevie meant for it to come off that way or not. His comment just oozes hostility at his former boss, Tiger Woods, and even though he was obviously excited at being on the bag for Adam and assisting in his victory, nobody is stupid enough to actually believe this was the “best weekend” of Stevie’s career. If I were Adam, I’d be having a little talk with Stevie about future comments to reporters and that its now time to let go (at least visibly in public) of his anger toward Tiger.

I don’t know, that is just me.

Regarding Adam Scott. Wow, I am loving his golf swing right now. As one reporter stated, he basically has Tiger’s old golf swing, which I agree with. Adam and Tiger have always had similar golf swings, but this weekend it looked more solid and crisp as ever. I always loved Tiger’s golf swing (the early 2000 swing) and though I agree with many of the stack and tilt properties SeanFoley is transitioning Tiger to, and I think Tiger’s swing is looking very nice today…I still think that early 2000 swing causes RESULTS…and I think we are about to see many more wins (Majors) coming from Adam Scott. I just hope that Stevie William’s bluntness doesn’t end up harming Scott’s game in the long run.

Regarding Tiger Woods. I am happy to see him back. I’m a little torn, to be honest, about many things surrounding him. As a person, as a player, etc…

As a player, it appears to me this week that his game has some actual promise, as opposed to previous “come back” attempts where his swing was a mix of old and new and he didn’t quite know where to let it fall. This time around, his swing seems more “sound”, has better tempo, and isn’t jumping around as much. I am a little perplexed at his comments about not being able to shape the ball as much. As an experienced golfer, I can understand what he is talking about, but I figured at the caliber of play he has been at all these years, that he wasn’t hitting large draws or fades but now he is “hitting it straight with little deviation”. I don’t have Tiger Wood’s swing and at my best was a +2 handicap, but my solid and quality shots have almost always been on a string, so I am a bit perplexed from where he is coming from. He HAS to get that driver figured out…and I can’t for the life of me determine how after all these years a professional golfer can struggle with a driver so damn bad. His iron play is solid and as long as he gets his distances figured out, he is like a laser. But if you aren’t getting fairways and your putting sucks, you simply won’t score.

What pisses me off about the media is they keep referring to seeing moments of “Old Tiger Brilliance”. It bothers me because no offense to Tiger, his “Old Tiger Brilliance moments” are, in my opinion, Top 20 tour player moments. Ok, so he has a string of 3 birdies in a row. Ok, so he hits a great recovery shot. Guess what, as a tour pro, these are things that are supposed to be NORMAL on the golf course. The top 20 players in the world are out there firing 66’s or rounding off 4-5 birdies in a row. Tiger doing it doesn’t show us we might see the dominant Tiger back again, so stop making it sound like he is. Even if Tiger gets his act together and might even be #1 in the world, and might be winning Majors again…he will NEVER be the Tiger of the early 2000’s. The competition level is simply too high nowadays. It’s a different environment. I don’t think it has anything to do with his age, etc.. you can took Tiger in the 2000’s and throw him directly into today’s environment and I don’t think he would have the success he did in the early 2000’s. Yes, he would win tons of tournaments and Majors, but not sure it would be the same level of dominance.

Tiger is a mediocre Tour player at the moment. Whether he ties for 4th at the Masters using a C+ golf game or not, he is a mediocre tour player and people need to stop making him out to be more then he is. Yes, he draws the most attention because of who he is and yes it’s exciting to watch him play because we are all “expecting” some kind of brilliance from him, some kind of come-back, and he will deliver on that…but the days of “destroying” his competition are long gone. Unless he gets to the point where his golf game is head over shoulders better then everyone else s, he will simply only be a great Tour player moving from this point forward in terms of wins. Sure, add up all his past accomplishments with any new ones and you have “greatest player that has ever lived” but I am speaking only in terms of today’s environment and his competition with regards to his game and where it will go from here. We will see.

Regarding Tiger and Stevie, on that topic again. There is “something” there that none of us knows about. Tiger, I believe, “is” a good person who has made some real stupid decisions along his way, but being “on top of the world” with an infinite amount of money puts him in a “I’m better then you” mentality. I know these types of people, I think we all do. There was something that happened, though, that made Tiger want to part with Stevie. Was it as simple as Stevie caddying 1 time for Adam Scott without Tiger’s permission? Was there something Tiger heard through the grapevine that he didn’t agree with? Are there people pulling strings with Tiger, like a puppet, causing him to make certain decisions in his life?

One thing Tiger can be applauded for, in my opinion, is his professionalism with the media and respect for his fellow tour players. Does he give the media short concise answers to their questions? Yes. Does this frustrate the media? Yes. Does he badmouth his fellow peers? No. Has he bad mouthed Stevie Williams? No. Does he show grace in defeat? Yes.

Other then swearing/spitting on the golf course and maybe being too visible about disappointment in his own game (I’ve been there myself many times), he really hasn’t been disrespectful to the game of golf or his peers. He has made the game of golf, his peers, the golf community, the television networks, the broadcasters, the sports writers, and more so much damn money it’s sickening.

I don’t know the financial arrangement Tiger had with Stevie, but I’m pretty sure in 12 years Tiger has made Stevie a crap ton of money, a lot more then he made and will probably make with Adam Scott.

Just my 2 cents on the topic.

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