Go to school for education, not just golf – Part 1

Update: Read Part2 after this one What I am getting at is that one should not choose a college based simply on their atheletic teams and/or school reputations. When an individual goes to college, that person is there to receive an education that they can take with them into the future as a grown adult. Problem is, some individuals seek …

Weight Transfer and the Golf Swing

Leave it to me to be as ignorant about the golf swing as I have for the last 2 years. Do you ever have those times where multiple people tell you whats wrong with your swing or they give you advice on how to fix something, and you try and get it, but you don’t GET IT. Then, you have …

Pinehurst 2 – A 6 putt!

So, back in 1999, I got a chance to play Pinehurst #2 in about February. It was a part of the Nike Winternational Junior Series. It was nice to get to play the U.S. Open golf course that would take place several months later that Payne Stewart would eventually win.

Bay Hill Invitational 05′

It looks like the Bay Hill Invitational has begun and this year, its very exciting. The #1, #2, and #3 ranked players in the world are in this tournament, together. Tiger Woods, Vijay Sign, and Ernie Els. There has already been some incredible duels this year. First, Vijay beat Ernie on the final hole at the Sony Open in Hawaii. …

Nutrition in High School

I am on the fence on this issue as it pertains to college as well. When I was in High School, our lunch was typically Ala Carte which meant we picked out individual items. This could range from bagels, pizza, fruit, and more. I am not going to say we didn’t have healthy options, but when you are in High …

The shot that changed my round

How often have you been playing a round, be it a tournament or just for fun, and you get yourself in a hole, a big hole? It seems like everything you do is just wrong. The harder you try, the worse it gets. I have had this experience numerous times, but there is a particular memory that is burned in …

PGA Charity Wrist Bands

I have found where you can purchase the wristbands. Follow this link to purchase your PGA TOUR charity wrist bands. Just came across a cool posting at Bogeylounge.com that the PGA Tour is coming out with their own sets of wristbands. You may have noticed the millions of people wearing Lance Armstrong Cancer wristbands.

Tiger as dominating as he used to be?

As everyone knows…or should know Tiger Woods just won his fourth green jacket. If you don’t know then you’re living a sheltered life! Tiger beat out Chris DiMarco in a playoff to win his fourth Masters, but he didn’t dominate the field like we all expect him to week after week.

Tiger’s Chip In – won the tournament?

Every year, the Masters comes, and goes, and then the media does their series of writeups about the winnner, the losers, and the tournament. Sometimes, these media stories discuss how a player goofed a particular shot and lost the tournament, or how 1 particular shot MADE a tournament.

Some Media doesn’t understand golf

Is it just me, or does the wording next to this image from a USA Today Money article regarding Nike’s possible marketing attempt with Tiger’s 16th hole chip in look strange. Look closely.