Friday Link Binge

It is time to give props to all the other golf blogs that are currently on my link list. If you want to have your site added to my list, contact me with your details. Just try and follow the same format that you see in my current list.

Story: My two best rounds

To date, my two best rounds of golf were a 64 (8 under) and a 65 (6 under). The 8 under round was shot at Pebble Brook Golf Course on their south course. I was playing in a sunday get-together with 6 other guys (2 groups of course) and started the day with 4 straight birdies. I managed to make …

Wie’s Caddie fired…The International…more

Hi everyone, First, Chad brought up a good point yesterday on how I titled the video. I called it “Drunk Guys Golfing”. Truth is, I don’t know if they were drunk, however I did receive the video in an email and the email happened to spread the notion they were drunk. I would imagine in order to his a golf …

Video: Drunk guys golfing

I consider myself a decent player, but uh….you won’t see me attempting this any time soon. I plan on uploading more and more videos to display on here, I hope you all enjoy!

Tiger wins Buick…wins 50th

As many of the announcers have said, Tiger is striking the golf ball better now then he probably ever has. Tiger won the Buick Open with a victory of 3 shots and also captured his 50th win on tour. Not only is it impressive he won #50 by the age of 30, but he did so 3 years faster then …

Buick Open – Tiger off to hot start

Just flipping through the several golf sites out there and noticed Tiger Woods is already in the hunt at the Buick Open. So much in the hunt he carded 5 straight birdies in his first 5 holes (he started on the back 9). So far, so good. He followed those 5 birdies with 4 pars until play was suspended. I …

Server Crash…New Design…New Job…Family…Tiger

Hi Everyone, it’s your busy as hell host, Bryan. First, I want to offer some deep apologies to those who have visited Major Championships and have been disappointed by the lack of postings or the fact that the site didn’t work for some time. Long story short, the server my site was on crashed…again…and in a nutshell I had to …

The basics of flexibility training

The website has a great article about flexibility training. I highly recommend taking a look at the article as it can be beneficial to any golfer of any age/skill set. I have posted a few excerpts.

RIP Mr. Woods

A big heart and prayer goes out to the Woods family as they have lost someone very close and dear to their hearts. I remember watching the giant bear hug at the 1997 Masters after Tiger won, and you could tell right then and there the emotion and bond Tiger and his father had. Mr. Woods will surely be missed …

Michelle Wie gives to charity

For being 16 years old, just turning pro, playing with the men in PGA Tour events, going to school, dealing with the media, and trying to handle your typical everyday stresses, I was quite impressed to learn that Michelle Wie has donated nearly $800,000 of her own money to charity.