Ashley Prange – Big Break V

Noblesville High School, my hometown and where I went to school, has always had a good golf program. I was lucky to be a part of 2 back to back state championships in 1998 – 1999. The womens golf team also did well, but unfortuntely did not have any championships. However, one of the very gifted golfers on the team …

Looking for guest writers

As you can tell from the title, I am looking for healthy minds who want to add content to Major Championships. Currently there are 2 writers, myself and Deron Sizemore. As you can tell, this site isn’t always flourishing with new postings/content which is where you come in.

Stick with one or two golf teachers

The one problem I personally had growing up was getting advice and input from TOO many people and teachers. This had benefits and disadvantages, but playing golf as a kid and moving into my teenage years allowed me to develop some poor swing habits simply because I was taught different things by different people.

Tiger Woods turns 10

While doing my daily reading rounds, I headed on over to and noticed a story lurking in the corner of my eye. Woods ready to begin 10th season on PGA TOUR was the title along with a photo of a young Tiger Woods at a press conference.

Michelle Wie misses the cut…again

Stacy over at The Sand Trap wrote a good article on Michelle Wie on January 11th. The issue at hand was whether Michelle could finally make the cut at her 3rd time in the Sony Open held in Hawaii. Not to anyones surprise, Michelle failed to make the cut.

New parents, get a flexible set of clubs

As a proud new father of a baby boy I am eagerly looking forward to introducing my son to golf. I will not be the type of parent who forces his child into doing an activity if there is no “want” or “excitement” from the other side. However, I plan on introducing golf to my son Cruz at a very …

Weather Delay Oh Weather Delay…

Man oh man. This PGA Tour season has seen alot of weather already. I think almost everything tournament has had some kind of weather delay / tournament shortening. Today, the Bellsouth Classic has been suspended until tommorow (Friday) due to inclement weather. Geez, at this rate, the Masters might turn into a 2 day event. Ok, I say that jokingly. …

Slow Play

We have all been there before. The victim of slow play! Although it is not a written rule, I consider it to be an unwritten rule. If you are playing slow, let others that are playing faster play through please!