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Congrats to Tiger for his 7th PGA Tour win in a row. Though Tiger claims his winning streak ended back in September when he lost in Europe, US record books, however, only register US PGA Tour events. Source: Pgatour.com Woods caught up to the pack with an eagle, buried the hopes of his final challenger with a birdie and closed …

Watch for falling debris

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Tiger Woods – 8th POY Award / MC.com for sale

Tiger Woods won PGA Tour player of the year on Tuesday for the eighth time, and the numbers looked familiar. He won multiple majors for the fourth time and more tournaments than anyone else. In 10 years, Tiger has won this award 8 times. Simply Amazing. This ESPN article says no other player has won it more then twice. That …


The U.S. got owned. Image property of pgatour.com

36th Ryder Cup – The K Club

On Friday, the U.S. and Europe will battle once again for the covented Ryder Cup trophy along with bragging rights for the next 2 years. Oh, and there is that whole thing about winning for your country to.