Christine Brennan – Golf Ignorance

I was perusing Google News a few minutes ago and came across an interesting USA Today Article by a columnist named Christine Brennan. Her article was in regards to the recent commentary among golfers alike about Augusta’s course changes this past year.

The Masters – 2006

So in 2 days, one of the most watched golf events takes place. That’s right, the 2006 Masters Golf Tournament begins on thursday. There are a lot of solid players this season, especially Phil Mickelson with his incredible 13 shot victory and -28 score at the Bellsouth Classic this last week. He is certaintly in the zone and will attempt …

Tiger Woods – 60 Minutes Interview

For those that tend to keep up with Tiger Woods, he did an interview with 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley that aired several nights ago. If you are like me, you might have missed it, but wanted to watch it. Tiger talks about many different issues, some that you already know if you are a loyal Tiger follower. It’s always great …

Blue Monster repeat of 2005?

From the current looks of the leaderboard, it appears we have another possible Tiger + Phil showdown on the horizon. To those who remember, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson came down to the wire last year but Tiger was able to clinch a victory with a 6 foot par putt on the 18th hole. After round 2, the leaderboard shows …

Tiger to Ames: 9 and 8 buddy

If your plan is to defeat a player during match play, let alone the #1 player in the world and one who has an INCREDIBLE match play resume on the books, you probably don’t want to make comments that would “fuel the fire” so to speak. Stephan Ames apparently skipped the class “Tiger 101” in college on the specific day …

2006 Accenture Match Play Championships

The Accenture Match Play Championships has always been a fun tournament to watch because: 1. I truly enjoy match play style 2. It’s a tournament holding the best players Who do you expect to win this year?

Ashley Prange – Big Break V

Noblesville High School, my hometown and where I went to school, has always had a good golf program. I was lucky to be a part of 2 back to back state championships in 1998 – 1999. The womens golf team also did well, but unfortuntely did not have any championships. However, one of the very gifted golfers on the team …

Looking for guest writers

As you can tell from the title, I am looking for healthy minds who want to add content to Major Championships. Currently there are 2 writers, myself and Deron Sizemore. As you can tell, this site isn’t always flourishing with new postings/content which is where you come in.

Stick with one or two golf teachers

The one problem I personally had growing up was getting advice and input from TOO many people and teachers. This had benefits and disadvantages, but playing golf as a kid and moving into my teenage years allowed me to develop some poor swing habits simply because I was taught different things by different people.