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Media Related

Though Tiger Woods admitted his infidelities, I have yet to see much proof

To date, there are something like 14+ women that have come forward as “alleged” mistresses of Tiger Woods. Please note, the keyword here is “alleged”. Besides the voicemail Tiger left that became public and a few perfectly places text messages across the web, I have yet to see actual proof Tiger was with any of these women besides his public admission to “infidelities”.

Even the pictures that have been posted online…all they show is Tiger standing/sitting around women. If he had not publicly admitted his guilt and I had not heard the voicemail, I would have assumed many of the stories are false. I do actually believe many of the stories are untrue or are fabricated to gain these women 15 minutes of fame.

But where are the actual pictures of Tiger with ANY of these women. I haven’t seen one.

Case in point, Jamie Jungers aunt goes on the record and promoted Jamie to go to the tabloids. The whole interview just feels slimy, like you need to take a shower after watching it. Watch it here.


It’s great to hear Jamie took naked pictures of Tiger while he was passed out. Nah..that isn’t an invasion of privacy or anything. Is there any legal issue if she released photos of Tiger naked that he never consented to?

Tiger Woods Golf Swing: Then and Now

This video is a little dated, but I think still provides a clear distinction between Tiger Woods swing in the early 2000’s and today. The key difference being Tiger used to have a more upright/steep swing, and today it is much flatter. This is all explained in the video.

I have been saying this for a few years now, even with Tiger winning all the tournaments he has, I still think the Tiger of the early 2000’s is better than the Tiger today. I felt his swing itself and his “focus” were more in tune back then compared to now. His wins today are coming by 1-2 shot victories, playoffs, etc… versus the old “stompings” he used to give people. Attribute that to getting older, married, kids, knee surgery, but even before much of that as he transitioned to his flatter swing, he has never felt, to me, like the same “player” he did in the early 2000’s.

There are rumors that things between Tiger and Hank are a little rough, but who really knows the truth. However, even if Tiger gets with someone else…with where he is in his career I can’t imagine changing his swing again is a good idea, because he would lose 1-2 years like in the past. If he is going for Jack’s record, losing 1-2 years now especially after his knee surgery could be devastating to beating Jack’s record.

With that all said, here is the comparison video I found on YouTube.

Tiger Woods Versus Jack Nicklaus

I had the following video sent in from Newsy and felt it was a worthy video to post.

It goes into a comparative analysis of the all time great Jack Nicklaus versus Tiger Woods. Give it a watch.

The Tour’s 5th Major

The 17th hole at the TPC at Sawgrass

This Thursday marks the beginning of an event many Tour players consider a 5th Major Championship. Played at the TPC at Sawgrass, spectators and viewers alike get to watch the PGA’s top players battle it out at the Stadium course for The Players Championship. The TPC at Sawgrass is of course most popular for its infamous 17th hole island green that has cost many players multiple strokes and sometimes the tournament itself.

But why is it considered by many to be a “Major”? Two specific things:

  • It contains the largest tournament purse of the year at roughly $9 million.
  • It provides the winner a 5 year PGA Tour exemptions, which happens to be the same amount of exemptions handed to winners of the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship.

On top of that, with the new FedEx Cup rating system, it hands out the same amount of total points as do the other Majors. Mix that all up, add some brown sugar, a little spice, and you have the tours “5th Major”.

In 1999, Fred Couples hit his first shot in the water, re-teed and went on to fly his next shot into the cup for an amazing par.

I am sure everyone remembers Tiger Wood’s famous around the world putt at the 17th Hole.

Unfortunately, Tiger Woods will not be joining the field this week because of his recent knee surgery. So, just based on that, television ratings will be down a few points.  It also gives the rest of the field a chance to start catching some ground on his enormous FedEx points lead, which currently stands at around 7,000 points.

Old College Golf Swings | 2003 - 2003

Going through my old video swing archive, I came across these gems from my time at the University of Evansville and felt like sharing. I also decided to put a little extra effort into the video “production” by incorporating multiple swings into one video, along with adding a nice logo to the beginning and a watermark on all the videos.

Regarding swing quality, I like various things and hate others. I hate how upright my swing is here. However, I like that I am not over swinging and keeping it close to 3/4 swings. I cast a little bit, which hurts distance and accuracy, but I think at the time I was compensating for the cast and making last second adjustments near impact that allowed me to still hit quality shots.

More Archived Swings: 2005

I believe this video was shot in 2005, I am not 100% sure…but it is me on hole #6 at Meridian Hills Country Club, a par 3, hitting a 9-iron I believe.

I have 2 versions. Regular speed and Slow Motion.

Regular Speed

Slow Motion


Archived Golf Swings: 2003-2004 continued

I am actually trying a new video hosting service called Revver to post my golf swings. This is my first attempt with it, so we will see how it goes.

This is me hitting a shot on a par 3, I think with a 6-7 iron

This is another video of me hitting a driver on #11 at Harbour Trees Golf Course. I hit it pretty good!

Archived Golf Swings: 2003-2004

I am not 100% sure when these videos were taken, but I believe I was still in College.

Here is a few regular paced swings. I actually thought my swing in these videos has better “angles” then my current swing or my 2005 swing.

Archived Golf Swings: 2003-2004 (slow motion)

Here a some slow motion swings from the same 2003-2004 set.

3-Wood Front view in slow motion

Various multiple irons in slow motion

Hitting my driver in slow motion

Hitting my 3-wood from behind in slow motion

A slow motion iron shot

Another slow motion iron shot

A few front angled slow motion iron shots

The Masters: Round 3

The Masters

Per my prediction, it turns out I would not be a good bookie to rely on in the gambling world. Then again, who can rely on the weatherman to predict accurate weather and temperatures :) (just kidding to any weathermen who read this site).

Ok, so Immelman is 11 under, Tiger is 6 back with 18 to play. My prediction was 3 under would win it, with Tiger being the victor and his lead being 3 as well.

Hrm…back to the drawing board. Well, let’s just say I was to turn my back on my original prediction…how about Tiger Wins tomorrow in a 2 hole playoff against Immelman. Stretch? Maybe…but lets see for shits and giggles.

Tiger had a solid bogey free round on Saturday, but Immelman, Flesch, Casey, and Brant Snedeker played well to keep the Tiger at bay. Immelman’s three rounds of 68 - 68 - 69 are steller and his 2 stroke lead thus far shows it.


As the story goes at Augusta, the tournament doesn’t truly begin until the back nine on Sunday. If history has shown us anything, we can expect some of these boys to tumble on that back nine, thus opening up a possibility for any one of the “behind guys” to take a change…aka probably Tiger. However, like Zach Johnson in the past, Immelman may very well hold his own. 18 holes to go.

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